What should we understand about smart energy conversion solutions?

What should we understand about smart energy conversion solutions?

06/18/2022 0 By Matt
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Power frequency control is an excellent alternative for companies to optimize their competitiveness and ensure security of supply for better business performance. It represents a real development perspective and leads to reasonable climate and environmental stability while providing large-scale power generation. There are now smart power conversion solutions on the market that have a long lifespan. Find out in this article which solutions you can opt for.


Hydrostatics is a system that is generally used by vehicle engines for the sole purpose of converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. This conversion leads to the proper functioning of the engines. This system can be installed in recreational, industrial or even commercial vehicles.

Hydroelectric dams

They are used for the transformation of electrical energy. They also have a diversion channel and several devices for conversion into electricity. Hydroelectric dams work by retaining part of the water flowing from the diversion channel.

Solar and wind energy

These are actually renewable energies used for the production of electricity. You can use solar panels that capture the sun’s rays and transform them into electrical energy. They require a significant investment for a better production of electrical energy in a house or in an industry.

Kinetic energy

This energy favors the production of electrical energy and gives you the possibility to use it on the spot. It is this system that makes bicycles work by transforming the pressure of the steps into electrical energy.

Where to find these solutions?

Dolphin Charger is at your disposal to offer you the best energy conversion solutions. It is able to offer you solutions adapted to your needs through its expertise. With a solid know-how, it offers you several materials such as the alternator charger and a cost-optimized industrial production in countries such as Portugal, Tunisia and China. It also has a DNV-GL marine type approval (standard n°2.4) since 2015 and an ISO 9001v2015 certification.