How to remove the secure mode on Xiaomi

How to remove the secure mode on Xiaomi

03/02/2022 0 By Matt
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When the safe mode is activated on your Xiaomi, it means that the Android system is infected or that some apps are causing problems because they are in conflict with your Xiaomi. In case your Xiaomi is in safe mode, several functions of the smartphone will not be accessible anymore. We will discover in this post what to do to disable the secure mode on your Xiaomi with 3 different methods.

How to remove the secure mode on Xiaomi

Before starting the procedure, it is essential to know why the secure mode is enabled on your Xiaomi. To do this, you can check if it’s not an app you’ve recently installed that is causing the problem. You should try to uninstall it before using one of the soot methods.

Disable the secure mode by restarting your Xiaomi

One of the most common solutions to remove the secure mode from your Xiaomi is to restart the Xiaomi. If there is a security notification in your notification panel, you should probably go through it to restart your Xiaomi. In case you have no apparent notification, you have the possibility to restart or turn off and on your Xiaomi in the ordinary way (with the button). When nothing changes, you can try to start your Xiaomi by holding down the ON/OFF button and the Volume button. This should disable the safe mode. Finally, if none of this works, you can always remove the battery from your Xiaomi and put it back.

Removing the secure mode by uninstalling apps from your Xiaomi

Most of the time, it is an installed app that is the cause of the activation of the secure mode. This second manipulation consists in uninstalling the recent apps of your Xiaomi. Even though it is not possible to use most of the applications when the secure mode is activated, it is still possible to uninstall them in the usual way.

Remove the secure mode by resetting your Xiaomi

If the 2 previous solutions do not work, we advise you to reset your Xiaomi to factory settings. Indeed, with a reset of your Xiaomi, you won’t have any problem with the secure mode. If you choose to reset your Xiaomi, we advise you to make a backup of your data before launching the reset. To do so, you just need to connect your Xiaomi to your PC and transfer the data you consider important to your PC. Once you have secured your important data, you will have the option to reset your Xiaomi by going to the settings menu of your smartphone. Then you just have to go to Backup & Reset and follow the information that is provided.

In case you can not go to the setting menu of the Xiaomi

When the secure mode prevents you from accessing the setting menu of your smartphone, note that there are several third-party apps that allow you to reset Android by connecting your Xiaomi to your PC.