Get Spotify Premium Free on Android

Get Spotify Premium Free on Android

04/09/2022 0 By Matt
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Do you dream of having a Spotify Premium account for free so you can listen to any music whenever and wherever you want?

Follow this quick and easy tutorial:

Step 1: Download

Download the application (Spotify Premium – Music and Podcasts v8.7.22.1125.apk) Spotify (cracked version) here

First click on the download button.

Then at the end of the download on save the file, then confirm that you want to download it (this warning is normal it appears for each application downloaded outside the play store for security, even if it is not a crack or a virus, as for fortnite for example, here there is no risk.

Finally open it. If you never managed to open it, go to the “files” application on your phone and then to downloads where you can find it. Otherwise there is nothing to stop you from downloading it again.

Step 2: Installation

We will now proceed to the installation!

Once you have opened the file you will be asked to authorize unknown sources, for this click on the settings button, then check the box “installation of applications from unknown sources”.

If you do not have the button to access directly go to your settings, then type in search “unknown sources”, then allow the installation of unknown sources for your browser, here Brave.

Finally press the back key to continue the installation. Click on install and then on open.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Spotify launches! Sign in or create an account to save your likes and playlists in the cloud!

Enjoy Spotify Premium for Free! The free account you signed up with has just unlocked premium features such as no ads and the ability to play music the way you want (although you can’t download music)! (Of course, you’re the only one who can enjoy the Premium features on this cracked version of Spotify)